2022 FAMI-ly Reunion

Farmers Alliance Aerial Employee Photo

The last few years have been tough throughout the world, for so many reasons. Farmers Alliance has faced those challenges, and come out on the other side a stronger, more resilient company. To reinforce all the successes of the recent past, and enjoy the opportunity to safely gather in person, we celebrated our 2022 FAMI-ly REUNION in early May.

On May 10th we closed our office and gathered our entire team together from across the country for an in-person event to celebrate our accomplishments at our corporate headquarters in McPherson, Kansas. Employees were also joined by members of the Board of Directors, a few key agents, and recent retirees.

Implementation of new technologies, combined with a fierce desire to provide flexibility to our staff, has aligned us for continued growth while allowing us to better serve our agents and policyholders. With a more geographically diverse workforce, it is important to bring our team together periodically to re-charge, and to ensure that we all stay focused on our vision: to provide peace of mind for the people we serve.

Our President and CEO, Brian Lopata, kicked off the event at the McPherson Opera House, highlighting our accomplishments since the launch of our 2025 Strategic Plan, the last time our entire staff was physically together, in late 2019. Brian’s presentation was supported by a series of videos featuring more than 40 Farmers Alliance employees and Directors sharing our progress from their own perspectives. There is much to celebrate, and hearing it from employees was especially powerful.

Following the presentation, the celebration continued at our corporate office with an afternoon of food and fun. A variety of food trucks were on site for lunch, plus an obstacle course, corn hole games, and a photo booth. It was a hot day, but the delicious food and fun atmosphere made for a great time!

A key activity during the afternoon was an all-employee service project. Thanks to donations from some vendor partners and a significant financial contribution by the company, the employees assembled 100 Welcome Backpacks, full of supplies for refugees, and 144 Clean-up Buckets, packed with disaster relief supplies. The backpacks and buckets were packed in record time, in sweltering temperatures, all with great attitudes and teamwork. The Farmers Alliance “FAMI-ly” cares about our communities and those we serve, and that caring spirit was definitely on display during the Reunion. You can read more about our service projects here.

The 2022 FAMI-ly REUNION was a celebration of our recent accomplishments, and now is a catalyst for continuing the strong performance and service to our customers and communities. It was important to reconnect with fellow employees, and those connections will continue to carry us forward. The future is very bright at Farmers Alliance.

Here’s a short glimpse of the Reunion – enjoy! Watch the video and view the gallery below.

  • Farmers Alliance Aerial Employee Photo