Blaes-Kniebel Donates Time at Youth Fair

Giving back to our communities is something that is promoted here at Farmers Alliance. Doing just that was Shannon Blaes-Kniebel did by volunteering at her local fair.

Having grown up and participated in the Cherryvale Youth Fair, Kniebel understands the many lessons offered. It’s at this fair that beginner participants can learn the important aspects of education of various projects, similar to 4-H.

Projects such as showmanship, arts and crafts, food, etc. are often submitted with the idea of bringing families together. Each year a family is chosen for the “Fair Family of the Year” which is picked by the winner demonstrating working together and helping others.

“This is a great opportunity for people to teach and learn about different life skills through projects,” says Kniebel.

“Our family has been volunteering at this event for years. We donate our time in various ways to the fair, with one of my favorites being helping cook the donated meal, which is provided for participants as they bring their projects in to the fair.”

It’s exciting to watch these kids and people grow and learn,” she said.

Shannon also mentioned that this fair is the first of the season, providing an opportunity to grow and expand knowledge to utilize at future fairs. “This opportunity is a great start to build a foundation for these participants. We have seen such growth and teamwork skills come from this! I am very grateful to have helped with this event all of these years!”

As an Underwriter for North and South Dakota territories, Shannon has worked for Farmers Alliance two years. Farmers Alliance provides their employees with eight hours a year to volunteer within communities. It’s through this program that the organization is able to give back to the areas that they do business in.

“As a participant of this fair, I recognized the significant impact it has on its participants. As I had aged out, I no longer was able to participate. With FAMI’s volunteer day, I had the chance to give back.”