Deer Mating Season: How to be safe on the roads

Deer mating season is upon is! With deer on the move, it is important to be aware that accidents increase during this time of year. Being prepared is key. Below are some tips that can help keep your vehicle out of the autobody shop, and you and your family accident free.

1. According to the Insurance Information Institute, peak traveling hours for deer during rut season begin from sunset to midnight, and during the hours shortly before and after sunrise. These are typically when the most deer-vehicle collisions occur.

2. Seat belts are important! Not only are they the law in many states, but they can save your life!

3. DON’T SWERVE. Rollovers can happen. Apply your brakes.

4. Deer rarely travel alone. Knowing this information is key. If you see one crossing the road, chances are there are more to follow. Be aware.

5. Scan the road including ditches.

6. Use the high beam headlights on your car if there is no oncoming traffic.

We want you to reach your destination safely, so keep these tips in mind during this season. And, make sure your coverage is up-to-date just in case something bad happens — call your Farmers Alliance Agent for a review today!

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