Employee Spotlight: Don Byrns (Facilities)

Don Byrns (Facilities) takes care of the grounds and other handyman jobs here at Farmers Alliance. When he’s not making sure Farmers Alliance’s grounds are looking spectacular, he is involved with his church, First Baptist Church in McPherson.DonByrns

He recently completed a mission trip with a group of eight others to Kansas City, Kansas, to volunteer their time at the Bethel Neighborhood Center, July 23rd-25th.

Bethel Neighborhood Center opened its doors on April 1, 1911, as a mission center of The Women’s Baptist Home Mission Society, which is now known as the American Baptist Women’s Ministries. The primary mission was to serve needy families living near or working in the meat-packing plants of the West Bottoms of Kansas City.

At the Center, lunch is served for people of all ages. There are also activities for children through senior citizens.

Don and the group painted picnic shelters and a basement floor, patched potholes around the Center, and mowed the extra lots that belong to the Center.

“I just love helping others, this wasn’t the first trip I’ve gone on. Last year I went to Joplin, three times, to help with the tornado relief. One of my favorite things I’ve helped with, was going to Colorado to help deliver presents for Operation Christmas Child.”

Don said that the Sunday School classes at his church, decorated about one hundred shoe boxes. Inside are a variety of things ranging from: school supplies, candy, small toys, dental hygiene products, as well as soap and a washcloth.

“Sometime this is the only gift that children receive for Christmas. I’ve seen videos of these children opening these presents, and their face just glows. I believe it’s something everyone should participate in.” Don added.


For more information on the Bethel Neighborhood Center, click here to view their website.