Get extra coverage for your farm equipment!

Today, equipment keeps all kinds of farms going… and income flowing. When equipment breaks down, it can bring farm operations and income to a halt. Most equipment now contains highly sensitive technology that can be badly damaged by something as common, simple and sudden as a power surge. Most property insurance coverage (like an Agri-Range policy) excludes equipment breakdown losses, leaving farm owners with a big exposure. Unbudgeted losses from a breakdown can be extremely costly, and in many cases, greatly impact the bottom line.

Why do you need Agri-Range Equipment Breakdown coverage?

All farms have equipment breakdown exposures. When surveying your farm, look around: grain augers, grain dryers, emergency generators, power panels, pumps, motors and ventilating fans and systems — all of these have potential for equipment breakdown exposures.

Equipment Breakdown coverage provides protection from damage by:
• Short circuits/electrical arcing • Utility power surges
• Mechanical breakdown • Motor burnout • Centrifugal force

Types of covered equipment:
Electrical Distribution Systems
Heating and Cooling Systems
Refrigeration and Controlled Environments
Boilers and Pressure Vessels
Computers & Electronic Equipment
Mechanical Equipment
Irrigation Equipment – including center pivots, wheels, drive mechanisms, motors & gears
Vehicle-mounted GPS Equipment

Please Note: Coverage does NOT apply to certain vehicles, such as: cars, trucks, trailers, tractors, harvesters or other self propelled vehicles.
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IMPORTANT: Refer to the policy for coverages provided and pricing. If there is any conflict between the policy and this information, the provisions of the policy shall prevail.