Farmers Alliance Employees Support WACCC with Creative Contest

MCPHERSON, KANSAS — Farmers Alliance employees recently crowned employee Zack Lock, Application Programmer, as the 2018 FAMI “Prince of Pink” in a special ceremony at the Home Office. Lock was one of six employees who volunteered to compete for the title by raising funds for McPherson’s Women And Children Combatting Cancer (WACCC). All combined, the 6 potential “Princes” collected $3,503.76 for the local organization. The other candidates included Tyler Bruton, Electronic Communications Coordinator, Jeff Collins, Buildings & Grounds Supervisor, Thomas Gray, Underwriter, Pat Reed, Office Claims Adjuster, and Stephan Rhymer, Underwriter.

Farmers Alliance employees participating in the “Prince of Pink” competition to support WACCC. Front row: Joshua Paine, Natalie Zink, JoLynn Stout, Zack Lock, Tammy Cape, Dixie Barrow. Back row: Jamie Hubin, Stephan Rhymer, Jeff Collins, Tyler Bruton, Thomas Gray, Pat Reed.

The “Prince of Pink” campaign was initiated by the Farmers Alliance Wellness Committee. Chairman Sandy Baldwin, Casualty Claims Manager, explained that the committee believes “wellness” includes more than just eating healthy and leading a physically active lifestyle. “It’s also about supporting your community, especially those who are facing health-related challenges,” she said. WACCC provides financial and emotional support to those fighting cancer.
The week-long campaign featured numerous fundraising activities presented by the six teams. Each “Prince” candidate was assigned a volunteer “campaign manager” who assisted with fundraising and promotion. Activities included all types of baked goods for sale or auction, arts and crafts items for auction, “candy-grams”, chances to win tickets to various events and activities, and a fun “Herd That” activity that would send a “herd” of cows to a co-worker’s office, which they would have to pay to have removed. In addition to supporting a great organization, the contest allowed employees to learn more about the mission of WACCC, as well.
President and CEO Brian Lopata (a two-time recipient of the “herd”) said, “Our Farmers Alliance family is much like any other family — we like to enjoy fun and food together, but we also like to make a difference in our community. The “Prince of Pink” campaign has been a great opportunity for us to have fun together while helping to meet a need in our community. And, we got to see Zack in that beautiful dress!” He thanked all employees for supporting this cause, especially the candidates and their campaign managers for all their hard work.


The Farmers Alliance Wellness Committee with WACCC representatives. Left to right: JoLynn Stout (FAMI), Sandy Baldwin (FAMI), Angie Timson (WACCC), Gloria Schroeder (FAMI), Jen Bonham (WACCC), Shayna McElwain (FAMI).