Farmers Alliance Employees Tour PrairieLand Partners

DSC_1048Article contributed by Tyler Bruton (Marketing).

“I had the opportunity to tag along with members of the claims and underwriting departments to visit the new PrairieLand Partners facility in McPherson a few months ago. This was a great experience, because for someone with very little farming background, everything was new to me.

Over the past year, I’ve seen this facility start as a plot of land and progress into a huge facility. The building is surrounded by various tractors and combines.

We arrive and go into the building and I’m amazed at the architecture of building. When you walk in, there is a store and a display of various farm vehicles: small tractors, mowers, and other things.


Walking by the hardware section, I noticed cans of spray paint. There are 3 colors: black, yellow, and John Deere green–On a side note, the question was asked during the tour if they had other colors of paint, in which they do!

We were then greeted by a man named Myron, who led us upstairs to one of their training rooms. Here we received an overview on the GPS systems in John Deere combines and tractors. Who would’ve thought that this stuff would be so expensive? Between the displays, receivers, and activations, it can get very pricey to replace.


After the GPS systems training, we proceeded to tour the shop. In the shop, is where all the combine, tractor and mower repairs take place. This part makes up the majority of the building.


Overall this was a very meaningful experience, and it’s very impressive how far farming technology has come over time.”

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