Former Farmers Alliance Board of Director Member now Emeritus, Harold “Hap” Walters, donated his 298th pint of blood.

Courtesy of Hutchinson News.

“As Harold “Hap” Walters was finishing up donating his 298th pint of blood on Monday during the quarterly Hutchinson Community Blood Drive, his wife excitedly came to the donation site to show him some mail that had just arrived.

Walters was the subject of an article in The Hutchinson News back in November, when he hit the 37-gallon donation mark.

The story has made its way around the country, including into a joke last week on late night TV.

Monday’s letter, however, was from the current CEO of the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies in Indianapolis, Indiana, the place Walters worked for 34 years – including 23 as president and CEO – before retiring nearly three decades ago.

The letter included a photo of CEO Charles “Chuck” Chamness donating blood, Walters said, and a message from Chamness that Walters “is still inspiring the staff” despite an absence of 27 years.

Inspired by his story, the company had set up its first on-site blood drive – and designated it “Hap Walters Spirit Day.”

After finishing his donation, Walters made his appointment for the June drive. If things go as he hopes, he will hit 300 pints in August.”

Congratulations to Hap!