Homeowners Insurance

Beautiful Two-Story Home

Your home may be the most important investment you ever make. So shouldn’t you be certain you have enough property and personal liability insurance?

What is covered?

•   Your home, including additions and built-in components (built-in cabinets, decks, attached garage).
•   Unattached structures related to your home — coverage also applies to fences, driveways, sidewalks, and other permanently installed outdoor fixtures.
•   Your household property owned by or in the care of any insured. There are special limits for some personal property items (money, securities, watercraft, jewelry, etc.) which can be personalized for your specific needs.
•   Additional living expenses incurred or loss of rent when a covered loss makes the insured premises unlivable.
•   Other specialized coverages are available, such as Lock Replacement, Riding Lawn Mowers and snowblowers, Refrigerated Food Products, and many more. These can be customized to your personal situation, and may even be included at no additional charge.

What’s your property protected against? You have options!

You’ll hear insurance terms like “named perils” and “causes of loss”. There are two options:
1. The most often selected Special Form covers your home and related structures from any cause of loss that is not specifically excluded.
2. The Broad Form is less common and will cover your property from only the causes of loss specified in your policy.

Your Farmers Alliance agent can provide more information to help you choose what’s right for you.

Some variations:

In addition to our Homeowners Policy, we have several other options available:

RENTERS POLICY (Contents Coverage) – We can help if you are renting your home or apartment by providing coverage for Personal Property and loss of use caused by the same perils as listed under the Broad Form on our Homeowners policy.

DWELLING FIRE – Landlord? We can provide coverage for your rental properties, up to 10 units. You choose Broad or Special Form coverage, or coverage for fire and lightning only.

CONDOMINIUMS – Condo-owners coverage varies from a typical homeowners policy. Coverage is only provided for items owned by the insured, including alterations, appliances, fixtures, and improvements that are part of the building, subject to Broad Form causes of loss. Coverage does not apply to land.

You can save!

–    New Home (not for Renters Policies)
–    Protective Device
–    Renewal
–    Multi-Policy
–    Hail-Resistive Roof (not Renters Policies)
–    Non-smoker
–    No Wood Burning Fireplace or Supplemental Heating Device
–    Empty Nest

Your Farmers Alliance agent is the best source of information regarding these coverages. Talk with them about your specific situation, and they’ll know just what you need!

IMPORTANT: Refer to the policy for coverages provided and pricing. If there is any conflict between the policy and this information, the provisions of the policy shall prevail.
ALERT – Restrictions in effect

Homeowners’ coverage is currently available when packaged with a farm policy only. Coverage is not currently available in Colorado and some exceptions apply in Idaho. Dwelling Fire coverage is no longer available in all states. Talk to your local FAMI agent for more information.