Insured’s Testimonial: “I’m So Thankful for Equipment Breakdown!”

In the very small township of Springfield, South Dakota, lies Koch Insurance. There are other Koch Insurance offices in South Dakota — the main office in Tyndall with two more branches in Tabor and Yankton. Kim Bierema is an agent that works in the Springfield office. Not only is she a Farmers Alliance Agent, she and her husband, Myron, are Farmers Alliance policyholders.

Back in July, their air conditioner wasn’t cooling their home properly. “Something’s just not right here,” Kim explained. Kim called her local plumbing and heating company, and had a guy come out to look at it. He explained to the couple that the copper tubing in the air conditioning unit burst. They needed to replace the whole unit with a new one. The new unit was ordered and was installed.

Kim thought to herself, “I believe I have Equipment Breakdown coverage on my homeowners policy. I wonder if this would qualify for this situation.”

Kim contacted Farmers Alliance’s Claims Department and, sure enough, her air conditioner was covered under Equipment Breakdown. The claim was paid within a week’s time. The amount paid was $8,900 for the new air conditioner. She paid her $500 deductible.

“I’ve had this coverage since it was first introduced. I thought about getting rid of it several times, but I’m so thankful that I didn’t! Wow!”

Equipment Breakdown Coverage responds to the cost to repair or replace mechanical, electrical or pressure systems equipment that suffer a breakdown.

Your Farmers Alliance agent is the best source of information regarding these coverages. Talk with them about your specific situation, and they’ll know just what you need!