Want the ultimate “Package Deal” for your farm insurance?

With an Agri-Range farmowners policy from Farmers Allianceyou can have the best all-in-one insurance package!

Coverages: all the basics you need, plus great “extras”!

Basic coverages for your residence, other structures and your personal property. Includes coverage for your home, including additions and built-in components, other structures related to your home (fences, driveways, sidewalks and other permanently installed outdoor fixtures), and your household property. There are special limits for some items (money, securities, watercraft, jewelry, etc.), which can be personalized for your specific needs. Some coverage is also available for outdoor antennas, well pumps, and private power and light poles.

Extra coverage options. You can choose a great package of additional coverages — the AR PLUS, or use the a la carte approach and choose only what you want. The AR PLUS includes thousands of dollars of coverage for one low price.

Remember you need liability coverage, too. The type of coverage you need is partially determined by the ownership structure of your farm or ranch. Your Farmers Alliance agent can advise you on the proper approach. And rest assured that options are available for personal or commercial liability coverage, plus a great Umbrella Liability policy option for even more protection. costa rica You’ve worked hard for what you have — make sure it’s protected!

Keep building your own great package.

With your Agri-Range policy, you can include personal vehicles or farm trucks or even your home in town if you don’t live on the farm. There are discounts available specifically for your auto coverage (for example, anti-lock brakes, defensive driving course completion, driver training, good student, and passive restraint discounts), as well as savings for combining your auto and property coverages. And, your billing is conveniently combined as well.

BONUS: Excellent claims service

You might never need it, but it’s great to know you’re protected by Farmers Alliance’s excellent claims service. With more than a century of experience protecting farmers and ranchers, our experts understand your needs. You’ll choose your claims settlement option at the time you buy your policy (replacement cost or actual cash value), plus you’ll have the instant savings of our Common Cause of Loss Deductible in the event your property and vehicles or equipment are all damaged at the same time.

Agri-Range from Farmers Alliance is truly the ultimate “package deal”. Talk to a Farmers Alliance agent today to learn more!

IMPORTANT: Refer to the policy for coverages provided and pricing. If there is any conflict between the policy and this information, the provisions of the policy shall prevail.