Why FAMI? Here’s Faye’s Story

We could provide a lengthy list of reasons to choose Farmers Alliance as your insurance company, but one of our policyholders provides the best reason of all.


Faye Hargadine

Here is Faye’s story…

May 4th of 2007 will be marked forever on calendars in western and central Kansas. That evening a category F5 tornado ripped through much of the area, particularly devastating the community of Greensburg, while affecting many, many others on the storm’s path through Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota. Such a devastating event right through Farmers Alliance territory created many challenges for our company, but also presented the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to our policyholders. Faye needed us!

Faye survived the Greensburg tornado, in her home, by covering her body with a recliner for protection. Faye strongly feels that the Lord’s hand was on her shoulder, as large sheets of metal roofing were found slashed through the bathroom area where she had originally planned to take cover. Faye’s home was totally destroyed, yet she feels blessed in that several special pieces of jewelry, including her wedding rings, and pieces of her Angel figurines were found in the debris.

Farmers Alliance’s claims staff and the area agents did their jobs well during the catastrophe, and have received many compliments from customers. Faye, though, wanted to do just a little more. As her new home was nearing completion and she prepared for an Open House celebration, Faye contacted her Farmers Alliance agent, asking for permission to display a “This Property is Protected by Farmers Alliance” sign in her yard at her new home. What a testimony to the impact our superb claims handling has had on our customers during their most challenging of situations. We were happy to provide Faye with her sign!

There is much rebuilding yet to be done in Greensburg, but Faye is rebuilding her life, just as she was able to rebuild her home. Best wishes to Faye on her new home, which Farmers Alliance is happy to protect!


Farmers Alliance is known for providing excellent claims service. This customer’s story is just one example of that service. If you’re not a Farmers Alliance customer yet, contact a Farmers Alliance agent today! To find out more about our great products, click here.