Your identity is as valuable as the cash in your pocket. Protect it!

At Farmers Alliance, we want to help you protect your property AND your identity! Your identity is valuable, and recovering from an identity theft can be difficult and costly. A first step toward protecting identity theft is by assessing your risk. Through our partners at Cyber Scout, you can evaluate your risk quickly and easily.

It’s called your ID RiskCompass, and with just a few quick questions you can identify areas of strength AND weaknesses to address, with helpful tips for making simple changes.
You can find this at, click “Protect Your Identity” under the “Already a Customer?” list of options. You’ll see ID RiskCompass right at the top!
There’s even more great information available from CyberScout — you’ll find it in the Knowledge Center at that same web location.

As a reminder, you and your household members have access to an experienced, personal-touch fraud specialist from CyberScout at no cost. If you suspect that you are a victim of identity theft or fraud, call to be connected to a fraud specialist at the CyberScout Resolution Center. A personal fraud specialist will guide you through the resolution process until the problem is fully resolved and your peace of mind is restored.
For help: 800.362.1075, ext. 1128 For info: