Business Owners

Business Owners

Farmers Alliance is serious about business — especially small- to medium-sized businesses in rural communities. With more than a century of business experience, we have just the expertise to help you! The Business Owners Policy (BOP) has a great package of coverages and options.

Basic Business Coverages (automatically included)

Buildings — covers your building and anything permanently attached (carpet, equipment, etc.)
Business Property — provides coverage for office equipment, products available for sale, and other property used in the business
Liability — coverage for property damage, bodily injury, personal injury, advertising injury, and much more
Business Income & Extra Expense — replaces income in the event the business is closed temporarily from a covered loss

Our Favorite Businesses

… have under $3,000,000 in gross sales at each location
… are in facilities less than 25,000 square feet
… are under one ownership
… are on the “targets” list below

Our “Target” List

Coverages can be customized to fit your business needs. Some of our favorite businesses are:

Beauty & Barber Shops
Car Washes
Clothing Stores
Convenience Stores
Florist Shops
Funeral Homes
Gift Shops
Main Street Retailers

Deductibles: you’ve got options!

$250, $500, $1,000, or $2,500 deductible options with Wind/Hail available at 1%, 2%, or 5%.

You can SAVE!

Available discounts for your business:
Remodel — save by remodeling: wiring, plumbing, heating, or roof!
New Building — if it’s new, you save!
Size of Account — for premiums over $2,500, discounts apply.
Persistency — save more every year you stay with Farmers Alliance.
Full Pay — save when you pay your annual premium in full.

What else is included?  Lots!

Replacement Cost on Building & Business Property — pays the cost to repair the building (other coverages available)
Accounts Receivable — $10,000 to help you recover amounts due from customers if records are damaged
Valuable Papers — up to $10,000 toward costs to restore damaged records
Counterfeit Money — $1,000 coverage if you’re the recipient of counterfeit currency
Property in Transit & Off Premises — limited coverage is provided while shipping or delivering products
Damage to Premises Rented to You* — $50,000 for building repair if the fire is due to your negligence as a tenant
Forgery & Alteration* — covers a loss of up to $2,500 if someone forges or alters a document
Newly Acquired Property* — coverage is available, under specific conditions — ask your agent for more details
Signs* — coverage for attached and detached signs, for specific causes of loss
Debris Removal* — reasonable expenses covered to remove debris after a covered loss
Increased Cost of Construction* — coverage for increased expenses due to enforcement of an ordinance or law

*Limits on these coverages may be increased on request


Your Farmers Alliance agent is the best source of information regarding these coverages. Talk with them about your specific situation, and they’ll know just what you need!

IMPORTANT: Refer to the policy for coverages provided and pricing. If there is any conflict between the policy and this information, the provisions of the policy shall prevail.
ALERT – Restrictions in effect

Business Owners policies are not currently available for new Full-Cooking Restaurants, Apartments/Habitational, and Offices. Exceptions apply in Idaho. Talk to your local FAMI agent for more information.