Jason Green, Leadership McPherson Graduating Class of 2024

Jason Green, Communications and Marketing Specialist at Farmers Alliance completed the Leadership McPherson 2024 program. The 8-week program involved 18 individuals from the community, focusing on enhancing leadership skills and applying them to improve workplaces and the community. Jason’s active involvement reflects his dedication to personal development and his commitment to giving back to both the community and the company. As part of the program, Jason and his classmates will collaborate on a community project in the upcoming months, supporting Mac-Town’s FYR (Forging Youth Resiliency), a local youth organization.

Mac-Town FYR, an after-school mentorship program held at Mac-Town CrossFit, emphasizes children’s fitness and overall mental and physical well-being. The leadership team will contribute to a Row-a-Thon event on September 21st to raise funds for the program.

Farmers Alliance takes pride in having Jason as a valued member of the FAMI-ly, and we are confident that his newfound skills and knowledge will positively impact everyone he engages with. We foresee a bright future for Jason at Farmers Alliance and are thrilled that he is sharing his talents with the community. Congratulations, Jason!